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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photo fun!

DISCLAIMER: Parents and educators must always visit these sites with children.  Free sites that are open to the public are not meant for children to explore independently due to the possibility of inappropriate content.

Teachers and parents can create an adventure for their students with a digital camera and a few free applications.

image chef

We love to take photos but then all these images tend to just stay stored on a memory card.
With Image Chef,  you can EASILY enhance your photos by uploading your photos on the website and selecting various frames to place your picture “in”. Some of the frames include a television, milk carton, most wanted poster, billboard, and many more. You can then insert these pictures into PowerPoint, Photo Story, or Movie Maker.

First Grade Animal Reports: Have the student select a copyright free image of the animal they are researching and then utilize Image Chef to alter or enhance the image in an innovative way.  Include the modified image in the final report or presentation!
SECOND GRADE BIOGRAPHY REPORTS: Locate an image of your subject and have your parents take your photo.  Utilize Image chef to create a new image of you with your research subject!  Include this image in your presentation or final report.


LUNAPIC: Free photo editing application.  Pretty cool.  Take an image and place it on the $100 bill!

For your biography report, convince your audience why your subject has earned the right to be placed on our currency!
For your country report, superimpose your image visiting a famous landmark in your chosen country.


ANIMOTO: Create a video in five minutes – no kidding! Using this award winning site, educators and students can create videos that contain photos, graphics, music, text and more! It is only limited by your imagination.
Accumulate class photos over the course of the school year and use ANIMOTO to create a super end-of-the-year slide show that will be unforgettable.

TECH integration: In music class, explore the types of music that you can select to accompany your images to create the mood you want your slideshow to set for your audience.  Or compose original music!


Do amazing things with your photos.  Take an ordinary photo  and add interesting effects.

What is your favorite photo tool/app?  
Share how you use it with students. 

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